Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will I gain access to the workout app?

Additional detailed information on workout app access and how to download it to the device will be available in a welcome email once initial payment is processed

When will my Lifestyle Fit Transformation Program begin?

Please allow 2-3 Business Days for your personalized transformation program to be created. You will be updated with further detailed information in the welcome email

Can I enroll in Lifestyle Fit’s Online Transformation Program without a gym membership?

Yes! Your personalized training plan is tailored to your fitness level and equipment availability. Programs can be created to incorporate bodyweight exercises, weight training exercises, and everything in between.

Do I have to take progress pictures?

Yes! Progress pictures are required for the Lifestyle Fit Transformation Program for accountability purposes. Further detailed information will be included in the welcome email.

Is there a Money back guarantee if I do not see results in the Lifestyle Fit Transformation Program?

No. The program works! You must stay consistent and do the work it requires to achieve your goals